Headshot of Becca Monteleone, a white woman with short dark hair wearing a collarless

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My name is Rebecca Monteleone. I am an Assistant Professor of Disability Studies, a qualitative researcher, and a disability advocate.

My scholarship sits at the intersection of critical disability studies, science and technology studies, and feminist inquiry. My work takes many diverse forms, but is always mobilized by questions of the causes and consequences of the systemic invalidation of disabled expertise and, consequently, disabled lives. Whether in technology design, healthcare, or public discourse, I am concerned with characterizing the landscape of cognitive, social and political authority and centering disabled perspectives to open up new imaginative possibilities for constructing anti-ableist worlds.

I have earned recognition as a Fulbright Scholar, Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and an IGERT Fellow with the National Science Foundation. I am interested in creating ethical, emancipatory research that empowers disabled people and contributes to building a culture that values all of its members. For more information on my academic and research accomplishments, please see my Curriculum Vitae. For my public work, visit Public Writing and Media Appearances.