Community Storytelling- ProPublica, Tucson Daily Star, and Detour Company Collaboration

From ProPublica:

“In journalism, people with disabilities are often talked about, rather than talked to.

ProPublica and The Arizona Daily Star are spending the year investigating barriers to services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Arizona. We’re making it a priority to get to know the people we’re writing about and include their firsthand perspectives. Here are some steps we’re taking:

We’re listening to the people we are covering, even when their stories are not explicitly about the entities we are investigating. More than 130 people joined us July 8 to watch story performances from 13 artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We partnered with Detour Company Theatre, a group that works with people who have such disabilities. In 12 monologues workshopped with Detour director Becca Monteleone during a five-week storytelling course, artists told us about the challenges and rewards of advocating for themselves, about loneliness during COVID-19 and about loss. Many also spoke about how storytelling helped them find community.”

To read more and download the storytelling curriculum for your own community:

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